Orson Welles Othello

A restoration of the original 1952 drama based on William Shakespeare’s classical tragedy, a tale of passion, jealousy, and murder.


Orson Welles’ Othello first screened at Cannes in 1952 and won the Palme D’Or. However, the production suffered a multitude of shortcomings and failed to open in America until 1955. Since then, the 16mm prints had become unusable. However, the producers recovered a 35mm master negative that was in good condition had been mislaid in a New Jersey warehouse, along with the soundtrack. With re-mastered dialogue and sound effects by Ed Golya and John Fogelson, the audio was synchronized in digital surround stereo and features music composed by Michael Pendowski and performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Chorus and the Lyric Opera Chorus. The entire restoration cost more than $1 million.